What Types of Shapewear Can You Consider for Summer?

Summer season is the time to feel the sun and feel free to wear whatever you want! Don’t fret if you haven’t achieved your summer body goals yet! There are some ways to look summer-ready.

Shapewear is a woman’s fashion saver when dressing well and showing off her best curves. But, because you can wear shapewear or built-in shaper dress, it doesn’t mean all types of shapers are suitable for warm weather. Check out these summer pieces to wear this season.

Belly Control Bodysuit

Belly Control Thong Bodysuit has some of the best features for summer! It has thick straps, eco-friendly materials, and a hook design in the crotch area. This shapewear piece is perfect for your casual summer errands. You can use it as a regular top with the extra benefit of a cinched waist.

It has a breathable and comfortable fit to ensure you won’t feel icky while out in the sun! It has all the beneficial features to ensure you feel and look fit. You can wear this with a pair of mini shorts or skorts for that cute summer vibe.

High Waist Butt Lifter


Want to wear your cute little tube tops with high-waist shorts? A high-waist butt lifter is the summer shapewear for you! This shapewear has waist-slimming and butt-lifting features. In turn, these can make your body shape more summer-ready than ever! It also has soft and comfy fabric. You won’t sweat with irritation, but you’ll even feel assured to do your summer activities!

Low-Cut Bodysuit


Have you got somewhere important to go this summer? Whether it’s a posh birthday party, a summer getaway, or a wedding, Waistdear has the summer shapewear for you! Look best with formal summer attire. You can use a low-cut bodysuit so you can wear your spaghetti-strapped dresses without a worry.

This shapewear has a one-piece bra that is not visible even when worn with low-cut dresses due to its low V design. You’ll love the multi-cross straps. You can customize it depending on your dress.

Seamless Shaping Panties

Want something more versatile? Choosing shaping panties is way easier than any other shopping choices you have to make. It acts like a regular underwear. But, this shaping panty has the hidden magic of waist slimming and instant body shaping.

Are you unsure of what you’ll do for summer? Switching from your regular panties to shapewear ones is an easy choice. You can even save more if you buy wholesale shapewear from Waistdear.

Sports Jumpsuit


What’s summer without a little action or adventure? Look cool yet sexy with a sports sauna jumpsuit! It can make you look fashionable while jogging or playing your favorite sports. It has a detachable breast cup, under-breast elastic design, and comfy fabrics.  

Halterneck Waist Shaping Sportswear


Look cute with an eco-friendly halter neck waist-shaping jumpsuit. You can wear this during your summer workouts, yoga sessions, or morning jogs. The halter neck design can showcase your collarbones, making you look sexier. Its soft fabric will allow you to move comfortably too!

These shapewear and sportswear pieces will make the heat bearable. They all have comfortable and breathable materials, and stylish summer styles. Wearing one of these will encourage you to move and enjoy the summer while looking glamorous!